Natasha & Latham | expecting!


I'll never forget it. We were in the middle of a party, and I nonchalantly asked her how she was while scoping out the dessert table. Almost immediately, she blurted out in hushed tones those two words, "I'm pregnant!" 

Mouth agape and wide eyed, I did the only natural thing to do: I cried like a baby. And then Latham showed me the grainy black and white ultrasound photos on his phone, and there I could make out the outline of a sweet new little baby. My dear friend's child. She was going to be a mom! They were going to be parents! 

She has seen me through thick and thin over the last eight years, and I've been waiting, waiting for the day to be able to pay an ounce of her kindness back. You see, she has a heart of gold, and she will do anything for a loved one. This is how I know she will be a wonderful mother, no doubt about it. 

Baby T, we can't wait to meet you in August. You are so very loved. 


Jennifer Neal

Jen Neal Photography